Maximizing Success & ROI On Your Web , Mobile Development & Digital Marketing Investment.

About Company Page

We are team of people with years experience in Search Engine Optimization technique, building web and mobile apps with million of visitors, and cloud server and e-commence provider for Malaysian market. Establish by award winning founder who has been in the industries since 2008, we provide services to individual, small business, SME and Corporation.

Our Values

MISSION: We help company increase revenue by helping them making smart decision on their web, mobile and digital marketing spending. As a company which has help client build high traffic website, mobile apps which has million of visitors. We work and utilized latest Google technology and solutions to help our customer archive their business goal.

VISION: Apart from Website and Mobile development, we also do social media consulting, with Adword, Instagram and Facebook. We also help business protect their brand and reputation online.


What we offer

Search Engine Optimization

Help client build organic traffic to their website from Google and Bing.

Website Development

Help client build responsize website with SEO optimization to help them sell more online

Mobile App Development

Help customer build Android and IOS app that optimize for Play Store and Apple Store

Brand Protection

Help monitor and protect client good name and brand reputation online.

Social Media Campaign

Help customer build and convert more sell from their social media campaign

Google Adword

Help you advertise to any website in the world such as Youtube.


Choose a payment plan that works for you

Custom Website & SEO Development Services

1. Study client problem

2. Analyze existing website or apps for improvement

3. Propose sketch design

4. Web development

5. Deploy and Optimized SEO for Google Search

6. Provide monthly report.

Custom Mobile App & SEO Development Service

1. Study client problem & requirement

2. Analyze existing apps for improvement

3. Propose sketch design

4. App development

5. Deploy and Optimized SEO for Playstore/App Store.

6. Provide monthly report.

Google AdWords Campaign Management

1. Register client Adword Account

2. Do keyword analysis for best keyword and Cost Per click

3. Create marketing campaign

4. Write ads copy

5. Implement track code on customer website.

6. Provide monthly report.


At we are family. We are help each other to serve our customer to archive their personal or business objective. Contact us for free advice and quotation and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Studio Address :
MaGIC Cyberjaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan